Half Helix

Half Helix

A Collaborative Digital Agency

Half Helix is a collaborative digital agency that partners with organizations to create modern digital experiences for culture and commerce. Together, we transform ideas into connected products and platforms for mobile and the web.

Patrik Ervell

Modern eCommerce for
NYC Menswear Designer

eComemrce experience for NYC menswear designer known for his modernist, utilitarian aestetics. Runner-up at 2016 Shopify eCommerce awards.

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Boris Bidjan Saberi

eCommerce platform for
luxury fashion brand.

Invitation-based eCommerce platform for Barcelona-based fashion brand. By decunsructing traditional website layout and navigation, we created a unique expeirence for the brands international customer base.

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Massive Goods

A brand representing queer and feminist artists from Japan.

Logo design and eCommerce design and development of a larger-than-life eCommerce expeirnces, celebrating the rich imagery of gay erotic manga and the artists who them them.

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