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We are a group of passionate designers, developers, and technologists committed to building modern, thoughtful digital experiences in an ever-changing world.

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We are a group of passionate designers, developers, and technologists committed to building modern, thoughtful digital experiences in an ever-changing world.

01. Principles

We’re intentionally structured to work smarter, faster, and more effectively. By working in nimble, autonomous teams, each group can develop its own efficiencies — producing better work and a better outcome for our projects.

During engagements, our team has a time allowance for creative experiments: space to play and get messy. Creativity is a practice just like any other. If we foster it, we can do our best work.

Our approach welcomes news ideas and exploration. Our management structure is horizontal — ensuring everyone on the team feels empowered to participate across disciplines..

New ways of working require new incentives.

We’re constantly adapting and evolving. Change is how we grow and improve. We stay at the front of our rapidly advancing field by encouraging both team members and clients to take risks and step out of their comfort zones in the ways that matter.

02. Clients

03. Services

We work together with our clients to provide design and technology that transforms their business. Matching complex problems to beautifully simple solutions, we bring to the table a wide range of disciplines custom-tailored to your needs.

  • Research

    Our research allows us to understand exactly what we should build to meet your needs. Together, we’ll refine a list of technical features that most efficiently deliver on your requirements.

  • User Interface

    The user interface is the set of visual and interactive elements that define your brand. It's not enough to be beautiful — your users must know which capabilities exist, and how to use them.

  • Front-End Development

    We work in a number of frameworks to write future-facing code that powers the user interface of your digital experience

  • Prototyping

    We use rapid prototyping to try and test many designs before implementing just a few. Together, we’ll evolve interactive sketches into the blueprints for your ideal user experience.

  • Mobile Design

    The mobile design comes first: it offers the core functions of your digital experience, including seamless interactions, information architecture and a visual language that speaks to your brand.

  • E-Commerce

    We have years of experience providing an extensive collection of services that are secure, scalable, integrated and insightful to support and grow your business beyond passing trends.

04. Team

Alasandro FenstonProject Manager
Axel GonzalezLead Developer
Mac KingManaging Director
Milo FarleyProject Manager
Jenn McNaughtonProject Manager
Feng NanDeveloper
Peter HumphreyFounder, Executive Director
Allie HincksProject Manager
Max RolonDirector of Engineering
Elena BogdanovaTech Lead
Derek Kellett, CPADirector of Finance
Jaming RingDeveloper
Layth FarageDirector of Operations
Christian CatalanoLead Designer
Erin ReznickDesigner
Christopher LeamingDesigner
Jin QingDeveloper
Bryan GonzalezDeveloper
Lee TailoongDeveloper
Luis LozanoHuman Resources
Jin YongDeveloper
Jamie DwyerTech Lead
Joshua WingerUX Designer
Yannis ChristDeveloper
Sam ZeenderProject Manager
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