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Half Helix expands Shopify service offering with Able Sense acquisition

Half Helix announces its acquisition of Able Sense, a Halifax-based e-commerce studio, rounding out the digital agency’s full-service offering to include emerging companies.

The acquisition marks a new chapter in Half Helix’s dedication to building, growing, and guiding the next generation of e-commerce brands. Half Helix launched in 2015, and the digital agency has established itself with enterprise-level clients such as Timex, Rothy’s, and Laura Mercier.

Since its launch in 2010, Able Sense has partnered with emerging DTC and established omnichannel brands in the B2B e-commerce space. Able Sense has operated as a Shopify Plus Partner since 2017 and has built a roster of clients across North America including Cougar Shoes, SUNPAN, AmerCareRoyal, and more. The acquisition enables Half Helix to expand its full-service e-commerce offering to now include emerging brands.

Now working as sister agencies, Half Helix will continue to partner with enterprise brands to modernize the e-commerce experience, and Able Sense will collaborate with emerging and mid-market merchants across a range of cost-effective delivery models. Together, they have a strengthened ability to support a multitude of organizations agnostic of size and business needs to deliver increasingly complex, dynamic, and sleek end products.

-Peter Humphrey, Half Helix Founder & President

-Aaron Whitman, former Managing Director of Able Sense

Cross-collaboration across agencies

With the introduction of cross-team practices, Half Helix and Able Sense will refine their existing delivery model, implement best practices developed at Half Helix, and aim to grow their collective topline revenue by +100% by the close of 2024. Courtney Kelly is joining Able Sense as Managing Director and will collaborate closely with Half Helix Executives Peter Humphrey, Mac King, Layth Farage, Max Rolon and Trey Hardin.

-Jim Reynolds, Senior Partnerships Lead - Agency, North America at Shopify

Following this acquisition, the Half Helix team will continue to offer best-in-class e-commerce agency services, develop boundary pushing projects, and grow the business. This partnership further cements Half Helix’s position as the premier Shopify Plus agency for the next generation of brands.

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