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Transforming Chrissy Teigen's blog into a full-fledged ecommerce brand for her legions of fans.

Welcome to the community-focused, content-rich ecommerce experience we're all Craving.

Half Helix partnered with the designers at Elva to craft an ecommerce experience for the Queen of Social Media, Chrissy Teigen, bringing her uber-successful Cravings blog and cookbooks to life with a headless approach to ecommerce. By developing a super flexible, content-rich, and accelerated mobile-first site that allows both the content and merchandising teams at Cravings to stretch what's expected from ecommerce, we created a unique experience that was welcoming to foodies of all kinds.


Custom, flexing headless ecommerce architecture

Autonomy being paramount, our team created WYSIWYG portals for Contentful so the Cravings teams could create bespoke product listings, different collections, versatile stories, and usable recipes with ease. Now, they're able to incorporate some clever product recommendations strategies within the content. For example, within one post, a customer can add a pan Chrissy was cooking with to their wishlist, buy the robe she was wearing, and save the recipe on their user hub.


Increasing efficiency and reducing workloads

To further support the Cravings team, Half Helix created architectural designs to ensure any changes to price, description, or image was reflected anywhere the product was being featured on the website.


User environments that support engagement

To support Cravings’ immense community of engaged users, we reimagined their user hubs. This new home for users will allow fans and followers to update their contact and payment information, save recipes, add products to their wishlists and eventually, it will contain tools to encourage user-generated content (UGC).


Stable enough for a massive influx of traffic

For a celebrity with such a giant following, there was only one platform that could deliver the reliability and stability for the traffic that was anticipated. Working closely with the Shopify team, we tested and ensured the site would handle the rush of users that came from a prime daytime launch on the Ellen show. The first day, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen was supporting 1M+ sessions.

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