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Highly personalized experience and design for Laura Mercier

Best-in-class virtual shopping for makeup, skincare, bath, and body

A pillar in the beauty industry, the Laura Mercier brand represents unique beauty, simplicity, and sophistication. This is the vision with which Half Helix took on the project of migrating the Laura Mercier site over to Shopify from SFCC using NetSuite. For products as personal as makeup and skincare, it was essential that shoppers feel as confident purchasing online as they would in-store. The move to Shopify enabled powerful updates like stronger personalization and a more interactive shopping experience. Partnering with Elva for the UX/UI design, the Half Helix team implemented a number of updates and solutions to bring the Laura Mercier e-store experience to a new level. From virtual try on capabilities to region-specific sites and impeccable design personalization, the new site is sure to deliver, both for the customers and for the Laura Mercier team.


Regional sites for more targeted marketing

The Half Helix team is currently repurposing the new Shopify 2.0 site they developed to build out additional regional sites. Having separate sites for various regions makes more targeted marketing possible for the Laura Mercier team. This meant consulting 3rd party vendors and internal technical stakeholders to sync inventory across the various channels with a new custom connector, shifting from the previous setup with Celigo.


Expertly crafted design personalization

To support the site’s design personalization, Half Helix built a custom portal for the Nosto integration. They also built a new carousel, which means no design or widget inconsistencies crop up when the personalization is triggered. Everything from which products appear to how they look and when they’re removed is within the Laura Mercier team’s control. Plus, a Klevu integration makes customization and integration between Nosto and Collections possible.


A customer-centric experience

The new site is built to engage shoppers from the moment they land. Virtual Try On and Quizzes give shoppers a chance to test products in a variety of shades before purchasing, and live chat is available to help customers find the right products and answer common questions. For returning customers, the Half Helix team imported nearly 1.5 million customer records to ensure people could access their order history and product information.

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