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130 Years of innovative china for the modern home brought into the digital age

A 130-year-old homeware brand, Lenox wanted a web experience that reflects its historical heritage on the front end while minimizing the disruption to the existing product, inventory, and fulfillment systems on the backend.

Half Helix worked with the talented designers at Sweden Unlimited to create a new web experience for Lenox and its family of brands. Working with subtle animations, beautiful imagery, and Shopify’s flexible CMS, we developed a seamless experience with rich personalization previews and complex backend integrations.


Systems Integrations

Complex integrations are our specialty, and for Lenox there were quite a few: from payment processors and ERP systems, to catalog and breakage requests and even personalization previews; all working together to seamlessly bridge the experience from your screen to your doorstep.


Subtle animations

For a brand with so much history and content, we made extensive use of subtle animations to elevate the onsite experience. Smooth fades and transitions add a luxurious touch and bring the Lenox brand to life.

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