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A fresh site and a robust customer service program for Mack Weldon.

Selling basics isn’t easy.

Mack Weldon has built a brand around smart, wearable design, and simple shopping. To support the pillars of their business, such as a bespoke return flow and loyalty program, we created three custom apps to support their Shopify theme. This seamless admin experience lets them provide excellent customer service and continue rapid growth.


Try On Guarantee

To support Mack Weldon’s unique returns process and guaranteed customer satisfaction, we constructed an end-to-end custom app to manage the experience for shoppers and employees. Customers can exchange, return, or refund any item they’re not happy with—all through the app.


Simple Shopping

Mack Weldon’s premise is simple: buy more, save more. This loyalty program required a custom database to manage customer spend, discounts, expirations, and order histories. In addition, we used custom scripts to help shoppers save money automatically: no discount codes or waiting for sales.

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