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Paravel gets a new site suited for sustainable luggage leaders

Taking sustainable, personalized luggage international

Creators of the very first carbon-neutral suitcase, Paravel has made a name for itself as a best-in-class luggage company for environmentally-minded travelers. Made with upcycled and recycled materials, their products are great for travels near and far, and built to last. It’s safe to say that a brand with this much integrity needed an exceptional web store to match. The Half Helix team moved the site from headless to Shopify 2.0 by simplifying the admin experience while retaining the flexibility Paravel needed to craft both product and brand content. And while they were at it, they implemented a suite of new features to make the shopping experience simple and smooth for customers. From bundle options to personalized products and international shopping, purchasing great luggage from Paravel is now as exciting as planning your next getaway.


Great bundle options for globe-trotters

Travelers from around the world can now purchase sustainable, personalized luggage from Paravel thanks to Half Helix’s implementation of Global-e on the site. Selecting items is easy with new discounts on bundles to set customers up for their next big adventure. And best of all, Paravel’s hardworking team is set up for best-in-class bundle tracking and reporting to better understand and cater to their international customer base.


Simplified, well-supported product personalization

Many of Paravel’s products can be monogrammed, giving customers the opportunity to personalize their purchase with letters or emojis. To support these product personalization needs, the Half Helix team worked with Paravel’s warehouse and ERP software (Brightpearl) to communicate personalization information successfully. This built in redundancy and order tagging, making the user experience smooth and simplified.


A content hub refresh (coming soon)

Shoppers can already easily find information about Paravel’s values, vision, and how they practice what they preach on the site. But beyond that, a new content hub is in the works to educate customers and the curious on environmentally-conscious travel, sustainable luggage, and more. A complex article page opens up possibilities for creative content design, and a refreshed blog hub makes an extensive library easy to navigate.

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