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QALO is family-first company best known for silicone wedding rings, designed for those who live an active lifestyle.

Committed to designing personalized products that enable families to share adventures and meaningful experiences

A poster-child of a high-growth, direct-to-consumer brand, Qalo is a story to be known. We helped optimize their yearly revenue from a few million to over 100 million by adding products and features that kept their site state-of-the-art along the way.


Design, Speed, Power

Building a feature-rich site while keeping performance top-notch was a priority for Qalo. Selective use of apps and a lot of custom code kept the backend focused, delivering customers a responsive site without sacrificing functionality.


A new market – with new possibilities

Qalo broke the mold with an innovative approach to alternative forms of accessories made of silicone. We took their futuristic approach into our own hands with new technology to promote the versatility of the products with custom filters, custom shipping scripts, and monogramming previews using modern frameworks and technologies like VueJS and GraphQL.

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