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Developing a dreamy, superspeed experience for Ariana Grande’s R.E.M beauty line

Meeting high demand and a massive customer base

Ariana Grande’s enormous fanbase has been excitedly awaiting the launch of her R.E.M beauty line. So naturally the site had to deliver—and it had to keep up. The Half Helix team worked hard to bring highly detailed animation prototypes to life and meet mobile-first, pixel perfect development. Unique features like the ‘get the look’ in one click button on the chapter page and value-added content on every PDP make it memorable. Quantity limiting for a maximum number of items per order helps meet demand and ensure no customer clicks away with an empty cart. Built for speed and performance, every feature was optimized and the site underwent extensive testing across devices and browsers. All this made it possible to have a high-performing site for a high traffic launch.


Simple navigation for a complex user

R.E.M’s client base has varying tastes and preferences, so the site had to be easy to navigate while catering to everyone who visits. Filtering by product type and sorting by price, name, featured, and best selling are simple. Reviews, wishlists, content, and more are easy to access on every product page for more confident purchasing.


Mobile-first without sacrifice

With a customer demographic that skews heavily mobile, the Half Helix team took a mobile-first approach to the project. Dev and design were optimized first for phones, and every choice was mobile focused from start to finish. The site underwent extensive testing on multiple browsers and devices, to make sure it was working perfectly everywhere.


Built for seriously high traffic

For a major celebrity like Ariana Grande, the site has to hold up to high traffic. That’s why the team at Half Helix built and optimized every piece of the site for speed and performance, with ‘peak state’ switchers to avoid any delays and the ability to selectively remove features as needed to prepare for high traffic.

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