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A heritage spice brand gets a powerful new online platform

The Spice House has been selling spices online since the early days of the internet. We’re proud to present the latest iteration of their business built on Shopify.

Our design for The Spice House kept a clean profile, allowing spectacular photos and spices to take center stage. A powerful multi-channel search and simple navigation helps customers find the exact spice they’re looking for, or they can browse the homepage like they would the shelves of a market.


Multi-Channel Search

We built a powerful search feature that lets customers browse products, collections, and recipes in one interface, as well as purchase spices directly from the dropdown.


Recipe Section

In addition to buying spices, customers can come to for recipes. The section is built on Shopify’s blog platform, with a customized commenting system, recipe ratings, and the ability to purchase right from the ingredient list.

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